Heaven Heaven Heaven Heaven Heaven Heaven Heaven Heaven


Magritte on stage

A red curtain, the empty frame of a painting, and clouds everywhere!
This is René Magritte’s own surrealistic world, where he encounters objects, animals, people and yes, even himself, in the paintings that have made him world famous. But is he equally welcome in every painting?

Luk De Bruyker (ex-Theater Taptoe) and Willem Verheyden (ex-DE MAAN) took their inspiration from the scenario of Heaven!, by Daniel Billiet and Freek Neirynck, and have made a new figure-theatre production, without words, based on the numerous paintings of the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte.

The original 1991 version by Theater Taptoe toured the world. It was performed more than 400 times and was nominated for the Signal Prize for Youth Theatre.
This new production will be much more intimate and a fine example of figure theatre in the broadest sense of the word.
For an audience of 7 years and older. Without words.

Scenario : Luk De Bruyker / Willem Verheyden
Visuals : René Magritte
Acting concept : Luk De Bruyker
Lighting : Alain Ongenaet
Sound setting : Bart Beys
Director : Willem Verheyden
Players : Luk De Bruyker and Alain Ongenaet